Any person, situation or condition that interrupts the flow of joy and abundance within our lives represents a wilderness experience. God intended for the earth to be joyful and filled with love and peace among mankind. However, the kingdom of darkness had other destructive plans, including the prevention of all happiness and prosperity. Nevertheless our faith in God will always prevail.
Our Source of Victory
Wilderness experiences such as sickness and illness, loneliness and depression, lack and limitations, fear and shame as well as divorce and death have bombarded mankind since the beginning of time, immediately after Adam’s fall from glory. This experience must be dealt with if we desire to honor God’s ability to deliver us from the trenches of darkness. God is all powerful, all knowing and all present and He lives within every believer. He is the source of every victory.
Where our Wildernesses Come From
Most of our wilderness experiences originate from our wrong thinking and choices. When we fill that we don’t need the presence and power of God within our lives at all times, then we are vulnerable to making great mistakes. In our own power we follow our own guidance and direction, which may not be in alignment with God’s agenda. God’s agenda always lead us down the right path whereas our own plans may eventually destroy our lives. God’s choices for our lives always lead to divine victory.
Natural Disasters as Wilderness Experiences
Other wilderness experiences within our lives occur due to some natural disasters or personal tragedies that suddenly come upon us. We must respond to these with trust in God’s restorative power, a power that makes all things possible. God will comfort us with modern combat 5 cheats security and peace of mind. Since God is the creator of all things and since He is also the resurrector of all things, we need fear nothing regarding our hardships and pains. No matter how bad it gets, the God within us is always in charge.
Overcoming our Wilderness Experience
In order to overcome a wilderness experience a believer must have a revelation of what God can do for them. By considering how God delivered some of the great holy men of the bible from hardships and calamities, the believer can take comfort in that God is willing to more information perform the same kind of supernatural rescues in this day and time. Moses, Elijah and Apostle Paul, great men of faith, were delivered from great armies, masterful plots and reinforced jail cells. Such men knew that with God all things were possible. Therefore nothing could prevail against them. Believers of today must have this same conviction.
Activation the Power of God within Us
A believer must do three things in order to activate the delivering power of God within her. She must pray every day, at least two to three times, she must worship God, listening to inspirational music and singing praises to God whenever possible. And she must also meditate on scripture that supports victory within her situation. For example, if she is having problems with relationships, she must find and meditate on scriptures pertaining to relationships. Activating the delivering power of God in a wilderness experience will give peace of mind and soul and will eradicate our negative experiences.
Becoming a blessing to all
God never planned for those that trust in him to fall victim to wilderness experience. He intended for us to overcome them. When we do, our faith becomes stronger, our joy becomes greater and God’s presence and power follow us wherever we go. We become a blessing to all those in the circle of our influence, resulting in a testimony that will inspire many.

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