In a beginning, according to evolutionary scientists, all of us humans were single-cell organisms wandering throughout a water-filled planet; seemingly without aim or purpose. Our then daily activities were comprised of competing for food, staying warm, protecting our “domain”, reproducing, and perhaps rising to the top of our then meager existence. We were simple creatures, selfishly guided in our aims; interestingly not so different in many ways than how we live today – when you strip away all the noise of life.
Our capacity to think was at its most basic, and the average life span was likely not longer than only a few weeks. Wow, such a short life! Surely we were not aware of it. We gained enough food to find a warm place, attract a mate, reproduce, and then die. The only sign that we ever existed was in the tiny bits of genetic material that continued on a perilous struggle toward better – to survive and eventually evolve. We were perhaps just a little more than ‘ignorant matter’ moving toward the unknown fate of being the self-appointed custodians of the planet.
As a simple organism we were less developed and yet more mobile than even a tree, and also similar in needs. Like a tree we grew more in the heat and relied on the sun for survival. Our water homes would have then provided us a playground with simple companionship – perhaps we even sensed the familiar vibrations of our fellow co-inhabitants. Lacking our senses of sight, taste and smell, our consciousness and ability to interact with the world was basic at best. Vibrations and heat would energize and assist us toward more food and a mate, as our mobility was likely limited. The nourishments of simple food and mineral elements kept us sustained and, like love this information rats in a simple T-maze, we were drawn toward pleasure and away from pain. When you look at it like this it certainly didn’t seem like much fun. We were essentially blind and stupid bits of organic matter – presenting our earliest ancestors.
The perils of life as a single-cell creature must have been great. Around every turn was something intent on our destruction. Volcanic activity, changes that interrupted a food or a mate, or even early predators represented great risk to our then simple lives. Whatever the conflict, many died and many survived, and we have grown to become what we are today based on this time of important survival. We know who and what evolved, because we see it in our now ‘civilization’. The more important questions are, “how did we evolve and to what end can we aspire?”
It was in each simple conflict that we progressed toward our current level on the evolutionary scale. After every important test we found ourselves better, stronger, faster, and with increasingly more useful tools to withstand almost every challenge to our existence. Our instagram followers hack online tests and conflicts were the most important catalysts for our evolution. As a single celled creature we would have had no concept of what we would become – in every subsequent advance and collectively the giant leap of our fated evolution; from a one-cell creature to such an intelligent being by comparison. Then we just understood to survive each peril as if it was the only event that mattered in the world. Eventually we would come to know that each challenge, obstacle, and conflict was absolutely necessary for our development, our progress, and our evolution.
It is critically important for our best evolutionary thinking to remember the simple existence from which we began. It is useful for us to see ourselves in a simple state, and remove the distractions that are so prevalent in today’s world. As we empathize with our simpler, former selves we gain some appreciation for what we do have today. The human noise often distracts us from our fated cause to evolve. Interestingly, share this site we must devolve, in some ways, in order to find our best future. From our single-celled selves to here we have been collecting some garbage that is simply not useful for our best tomorrow.
Considering our plights of personal development, financial security, and family content, each of us can relate to pressures with all of them very well. To move forward in any cause, and in the case of expediting our personal evolution, we must find ways to calm our spirit and allow ourselves to move away from the distracting noise of life that impedes our progress. This “noise” is as much internal as external, and there are many interesting techniques to soften its affect on our lives; starting with empathizing with a simpler time.
Imagining and empathizing with our beginnings is as good place to start as any. For example, the fashion pressures that guide our lives today would not have been so important living as a single-celled creature. It is funny to think that once such paramecium-like creature would say to the other, “I can see your organs, please be shameful and go get dressed!” Certainly such was not important then, and when you dig deeply within yourself, perhaps we give it and many other things too much importance today. I’m not suggesting running around naked or tattered, but to understand and re-position these social pressures that have grown to gain too much importance in our lives. My father always told me, “Clothes doesn’t make the person, however the person makes the clothes.” What he meant was that it’s entirely your attitude in life that shines regardless of the style or quality of clothes you wear. If you allow your passion for life to flow then even naked your point will be well received and understood, and more importantly, felt by the other person in truly endearing ways.
Since this earlier time we have flourished in many ways: physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, politically and socially; but not without considerable contest. Have we arrived to our best? No, we’re not even close. Still there are many problems and it’s not likely they will ever be completely eradicated. In fact, problems are necessary for our progress because without conflict there is no progression. Is it possible to imagine that some future can be without problems or conflicts? No. If such were the case then we will stop progressing, and that possibility is not consistent with any evolutionary path in our history or our future. We can only appreciate clearly where we are, gage the difference to where we imagine ourselves, and work diligently to bridge the gap.
One thing that we did not have good use of during our earlier days as a single-celled creature was our imagination, and these days we take it for granted. Often undervalued, our imagination is one of the most powerful gifts and tools we have been given in this life. We raise people to pedestals of fame who have exercised and used this gift well. It is arguably one of our most important tools for evolution because it allows us to imagine better futures, and we all know that what you can imagine with clarity of purpose can become your reality. Our imaginations give us hope, and in the face of despair, it is truly an encouraging gift. How many times have you purchased a lottery ticket with the “hope” of winning? As many of us know the chances of winning are slim, but they are at least possible. This small possibility provides is with a little hope, and a little hope is a gigantic thing to us humans. It is one of the best concentrates of the human experience, as such a little amount of it can encourage great things. Single-celled creatures had no such hope, only to survive. Imagine if we could have added even the tiniest amount of hope to these little creatures how much different our lives would be today?
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