Do you know how to wear the right color? We all have tons of clothes in our wardrobe, but are they the right one for your skin tone? Color analysis it the answer to this question. It is also known gta 5 cheats as skin tone color matching or color seasons. I hope this is not a new term for you, and actually the first person brought this idea can be dated back to 1840s.

I know you鎶甧 not here for the history, then why is this important for you? Wearing a right color can enhance you and brings out more information you, while if you wearing the wrong one the color could wash away you and makes you look tired. A right color can make your look radiant, your eyes brighter and clear, your hair reflects the highlights. Sure you will often hear gta 5 cheats tool the complements姊恠 鏀渙u look great!?

We all want to make good impression for others, especially the first impression. Do your own color analysis can help you to wear the most appropriate color in your big days like wedding, interviews and other important occasions.

So the there are basically two color undertones: warm and cold. Warm tone refers to those whose skin has very dark brown with golden undertones; brown with golden undertone; medium with golden undertones or pale with peach or gold undertone. But cold refers to: very dark brown with reddish or blue undertones; brown with pink undertone; true olive (most Asian and Latinos); medium with no color in cheeks; medium with faint pink cheeks, pale with no color in cheeks; pale with pink in cheeks; pale with pink undertones, and ruddy-pinkish red.

How do you decide which undertone you are? Simple way is to look at underarm of yourself and if you can do comparison with your friend to see if you have golden, peachy color of your skin or it looks very pale yellow to it. (Refer to what I said above)

Once you鎶砮 determined the undertone of your skin, then you can try to find the best color for your skin in particular. Basically, warm complimented with warmth, while as cooler undertone is best with colder colors.

Sure you can always consult with your stylist if you don鎶?have one, as most of us can鎶?afford that. We do it by ourselves. Let鎶?begin with the preparation. You will need a natural lighting best is the day light but not too sunny. Then you should have a natural background no color distractions best color is white. Then take out all the colors you have, not necessary to be clothes. So try on colors like white or black first, if it looks good on you, you鎶甧 probably a cool undertone. If not, we try the grey, navy, or brown. If that looks better you鎶甧 a warm undertone. Keep trying all the colors you have and see which one is your color? Remember when you are comparing the color, you have to notice whether the color takes away from you or the color brings more attention to your face. Observe what does the color do to your eyes (is it brighter?), hair (reflect highlights?) and face? We always want the color brings more attention to our face more than the color does itself. If you can鎶?decide let your family member or friends to help you.

Now have fun and be your own color analyzer.

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