Indian movies has undergone many changes and has been divided into four sections such as specialized, diaspora, regional and head soccer cheats hack tool commercial. These divisions are separated by a thin line and they tend to blend at times.

But, the way a film is made decides its success as a commercial or artistic venture. Parallel cinema take up taboo topics and make films with them where as masala films hesitate in venturing out with these topics that might fail at box office.

Bollywood is largest film industry in the world with regard to production, with well over a thousand movies produced in a single year. Often the public assume that Bollywood and Indian film industry are synonymous. This is wrong as Indian parallel cinema is also acclaimed internationally. Several famous film festivals screen new Indian movies which are mostly well-received by an international audience. For example, nine Indian films were screened at the 2010 Berlinale (Berlin Film Festival), for the first time in 60 years after the festival was organized. The Man Beyond the Bridge, Road Movie and Peepli Live were some of super mario run hack online the films which received rave responses from critics.

Although the conventional song and dance routine is kept in 21st century Bollywood Movies, directors are now exploring various dimensions of reality. Art cinema and horror movies has definitely travelled the distance to delve into the lives of mobile strike hack no root the ordinary. The reality is nicely shown in a few of the new Indian films like Peepli Live directed by Anusha Rizvi which shows the subject of mass suicides among farmers.

My Name is Khan starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, looked like a typical Hindi film but is a successful film which got a lot of acceptance internationally. The movie was part of the Berlinale’s Official selection out of competition and tickets which were auctioned at 1000 EUROs each, were sold out within five seconds.

many critics think current Indian film industry is just an image of its remarkable past. This may be to some extent true even though mainstream cinema is mostly dependent on what the audience wants. But then as time goes by more films are turning into progressive although in a subtle and delicate manner unlike western films which openly deal with bold subjects.

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