If you are top eleven hack android like other cat people you like the idea of a self cleaning, self flushing cat box but you’re probably wondering if it really works. Because of the mess and overall odor cat litter boxes are quite unpopular. CatGenie is an ingenious alternative that’s basically a toilet for cats, and once you set it up there’s not much else to worry about. This article is packed full of the pros and cons of the CatGenie system for those who may be considering making the change.

Some people worry that they’ll have to hire a plumber to install the CatGenie for them. Typically though you can install your system yourself in fifteen share this site minutes or less. All it takes is a connection to the cold water of your sink, toilet or washing machine. You then use your drainpipe as the outlet for your catgenie. That means you must place this unit near a water source which can be inconvenient for some.

The Cat Genie is simple to maintain since most of the work is already done for you. Unlike a litter box the unit is cleaned along with the granules. Just as you would your stove or refrigerator you should wipe down the outside of the machine every now and then. You can also utilize the maintenance cartridge that helps remove buildup or grime that can occur over time. The water sensor is another thing you’ll want to clean once in a while so it keeps working right. Overall The CatGenie is the most simple easy to clean appliance you’ll own compared to the alternatives.

The cat genie is however not perfect, it does not always work as you might expect it to. In reality, hardly anything operates exactly the way it appears in an advertisement, commercial or sales video. Many users complain that the granules are either blown out during cleaning or the cat tracks them which isn’t much different than a litter box. Depending on your cat this might not be a problem but it’s something to be aware of. You will have to deal with this issue regardless of what type of “litter” is being used.

So if you want an innovative way share more details to avoid cat litter, CatGenie is a high tech solution you may like. Whether you decide to buy this product ultimately depends on how tired you are of cat litter which is, after all, not only a constant unpleasant task to deal with, but not good for the environment either. Some people look for lower priced options, such as self-cleaning litter boxes, which can also work, but CatGenie gives you a complete solution that replaces all litter boxes.

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