There are hundreds and thousands of worlds visit more information in the natural world indoors. There are hundreds and thousands in the natural world from the outside world of infinite inner world. Many people tried to understand the inside and outside the natural world of infinite inner world several times in many period and become fatigued before concluding anything.
It is a statement widely spoken by the classical literature dealing with the fundamental principle of karma in this website Hinduism. It is a statement of the original literature like the Koran and Bible that recognizes the fundamental principle of Christianity and Islam. The primitive literature state that there are thousands eighteen beams star system, which more information has really rooted in an amorphous substance, if there were accounts of these internal and external character of these infinite inner world. Before the conclusion of these statements, it is becoming destroyed. Speaking as the pure character of the great unity of God knows its accounts of its interior and exterior of the natural world, the inner world of infinity itself.
Who was at that moment, time, date, day, season, month, the natural world have appeared in substance formed? When everyone seemed as a natural substance produced is not carried by Brahman, who are the follower of Hindu religion. If they were then known to them, they would have said in Scripture Puraan which refers to the origin of the religion of Hindu mythology and discuss techniques with the realization of God.
The time when the world has emerged as a natural substance produced is not known for Qazi, which are predictors of the laws of Islam. If they were then known to them, they have indicated in writing in the Holy Koran. The time and day when the world has grown in natural substances are not made by experts of yoga which is visionary in the brain. The month and the season when natural worlds have emerged in the form is not made by anyone can be.
The substance formed from the natural world has no independent nature of the pure unity of God. The substance formed from the natural world is the product of the unity of God. The center of the test substance of the natural world is the tremendous energy of serenity, which have fixed maintenance. On one occasion, this overwhelming power of serenity achieved in the form of subtle energy of smell, taste and light in space without end substance formed in the shape of land, water, fire and air. After updating every time, the creative visions of the unity of God, love are everything. The stock of central substance formed by the tremendous energy of serenity is eternal. What we see is the transformation of fixed stock itself.
While welcoming with respect to anything subtle and natural, consider it the reverence for the unity of God. Consider it a breeze with respect to the path of meditation. The unity of God and its stock substance produced tremendous energy of serenity is since the beginning of the period, is calm, is eternal and is the actual format of the construction since the beginning of an era. It is from the proclamation of Guru Nanak (See Japji Sahib 22, 31).

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