All women suffer from vaginal odour; however what type of vaginal odour is a different matter. Although we talk of odour the vagina is not an organ of the body known to smell. In fact it is odourless. How is the smell justified asks millions of affected and bewildered women that oust smells from a supposedly non smelly orifice. Confusion sets in for many women who assume vaginal odor is a natural function of their body. How can this be if the vagina is odourless? Well ladies not wanting to burst your bubble “odourless organ” or not, vaginas do smell because of causes.

If vaginal odour is caused through an infection then it can affect your health. Infections need to be treated with medication; one side affect from an infection is an itch. An itchy vagina not only is embarrassing and discomforting but more so if in the company of friends. The difference between an itch around the vagina, or an itch on your back you can not reach can be relieved by a friend. (Need I say more?)

How can vaginal odours happen if the vagina is not a smelly organ, this is a question raised by many a bemused candidate. Causes which are nominated as the culprit to why vaginal odour occurs are due to bacteria and parasites entering the vagina.
One common odour women relate to below is often referred to as smelling like fish. Bacterial vaginosis is normally the reason for the ‘fishy’ odour excreted from the vagina. Bacterial vaginosis will need medical attention to rid the infection hence taking the fishy odour with it.

Hygiene is most profound to prevent/rid particular vaginal odours. One type of smell rises from not washing the private parts thoroughly. Urine if not rinsed away click more details after peeing can get stronger. If pubic hair is moistened by pee then the urine turns stale (rancid)therefore causing a more noticable stench to become more public which can be very embarrassing when in a crowd

Did you know that the vagina is self cleaning and aside from the fact that it is an odourless organ, then, why do vaginal odours cause such a stink among women (excuse the pun) wanting to rid their pong? Although the vagina is self cleaning, bacteria and parasites still manage to settle in the vagina thus causing infection which then causes vaginal odor.

The vagina and surrounding skin is very sensitive so be careful when using products to clean the area, Remember if you have a vaginal infection, then no matter how much you wash will not rid the smell. Cleaning the vulva needs nothing more than water. Consult with the pharmacist about any product you tend on using to clear up an infection because they may contain chemicals.

Natural oils can be stripped from the vulva through inept chemical use on the skin leaving it dry and often irritated. Because of this it leaves the smelly affected area more prone to infection. Chemical contact with the vagina can be extremely dangerous causing urinary tract infections if permitted to enter the urethra. Never use creams and lotions recommended by others because what works for one may not for the other. Medical conditions need to be determined for read here the right treatment to be prescribed.

Chemical based products can upset the natural PH of the vagina. The outcome of this which then results in an overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria, genital mycoplasmas, and gardnerella vaginalis, with reduced or absent lactobacilli.
If you have a smelly vaginal odour that gives you reason for concern or notice change in colour of discharge, the amount you lose texture and thickness, feel pain when urinating or see vaginal bleeding when not menstruating, then you must talk to your doctor.

The cure for vaginal odour is in the cause.

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