Timeshare ownership has been long regarded as a great opportunity to ‘own’ your own little slice of paradise. But with the soaring price of timeshare properties, and the yearly or monthly maintenance fees associated with owning a timeshare, many interested buyers have been looking for a timeshare alternative.
The average timeshare property will cost anywhere from $10,000, all the way up to the more luxurious properties ranging form $70 – $90,000. And this price doesn’t even include down payments for the property or recurring ANNUAL maintenance fees.
These large recurring fees have caused a surge of timeshare owners to sell their ownership rights at well below cost, just to ‘get out’ of their expensive commitment.
Also, the fact that most timeshares are not flexible, meaning the owners are only allowed to use the property at designated time throughout the year (usually just one week), has made many potential buyers shy away from the idea of timeshares in hopes for a better alternative.
And thanks to the internet…that timeshare alternative is now available subway surfers hack tool no download in the form of Travel Membership Clubs.
Many travel memberships also includes the option to travel aboard luxury Cruise liners from all around the world. From short, three-day getaway’s around the Bahamas to long expeditions that take you across the globe, there are thousands of cruise packages to choose from.
Some even let you purchase discount plane tickets and car rentals as well.
All of these vacation bookings are made through your own personal online ‘Travel Portal’. So all you have to do is log on, choose from one of the 1000′s of vacation packages available, and enjoy the savings.
A vacation club’s biggest advantage over timeshare vacation packages is its this website flexibility. A vacation club member can chose among many options, including cruises, whereas a timeshare owner is much more restricted. A vacation club also means flexibility in when you travel. Rather than being committed to a specific week each year, you can choose your time and even book on short notice.
Typically vacation clubs hve a much lower starting fee with no ongoing fees other than what you pay for your chosen trips. Vacations can be reserved subwaysurfershackcheatss at a huge number of destinations for massive discounts with no blackout dates. Scheduling a vacation is as easy as making a call and you are ready to start almost as soon as your membership begins.
This type of club membership also allows you to travel at your pace. A timeshare locks you into a week each year, but this is not practical for everyone. In a vacation club, you can schedule vacations at your pace and never have to worry about trying to sell a timeshare that you are not taking full advantage of due to your limited vacation time. In the current economy, timeshares are selling for well below purchase price and some are hard to sell at all. Instead of paying a large upfront cost that may never be recouped, consider looking into a vacation club, a more affordable, flexible option.
Vacation clubs provide a fantastic alternative to Timeshare Vacation Packages, vacation club membership gives you the benefits of great luxury travel without the headaches and hassles of timeshare ownership.

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