Created in 1937 by Thomas Rowe Price Jr. T. Rowe Price is one Check our website of the world鎶?primaryinvestment management companies. With more than $391 billion in assets under management, it serves individuals, financial intermediaries and institutions. Relying on fundamental research and a disciplined approach, the company aims to provide a full range of investment strategies. In 2005, T. Rowe Price鎶?target-date retirement funds set new records for asset growth, reaching $8 billion within two years of their inception.

Below we will share with you 5 top rated T. Rowe Price funds. Each has earned a Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy) as we expect the fund to outperform its peers in the future. To view the Zacks Rank and past performance of all T. Rowe Price funds, then click here.

T. Rowe Price Capital Appreciation (PRWCX) seeks long term capital growth by investing in leading U.S companies that show significant potential for growth. At least 50% of its assets are used to purchase common stocks and the rest are invested in convertible and foreign securities, futures and options. The fund returned 33.05% in 2009 and has a ten year annualized return of 9.34%.

This T. Rowe Price fund has a minimum initial investment of $2,500 and an expense ratio of 0.74% compared to a category average of 1.02%.

T. Rowe Price Tax-Free High-Yield (PRFHX) invests a large share of its assets in high default risk or speculative bonds. It may also employ 10% of its assets to purchase bonds in default. In the last one year, the fund was up 28.12%…

James M. Murphy is the fund manager and has managed this T. Rowe Price fund since 2002.

T. Rowe Price Emerging European & Mediterranean (TREMX) seeks capital appreciation by investing at least 80% of its assets in emerging European markets such as the former Soviet Union, the Middle East and North Africa. It is non-diversified and focuses on large and medium-sized companies, but considers companies of any size for investment. The fund has a five year annualized return of 10.6%.

As of December 2009, this fund held 42 issues, with 5.97% of its total assets invested in Magnit JSC.

T. Rowe Price Global Stock (PRGSX) seeks capital appreciation by investing across several sectors in developed as well as emerging markets. The fund focuses on large and mid-cap stocks and invests in at least five countries, including the U.S. At least 80% of its assets are invested in domestic and foreign companies, with the proportion varying over time. It is a no load fund.

This T. Rowe Price fund returned 44.77% over the last one year period.

T. Rowe Price Inflation Protected Bond (PRIPX) invests the majority of its assets in inflation-protected bonds. It focuses on U.S Treasury bonds but may also acquire bonds issued by companies and government agencies. This T. Rowe Price fund has a three year annualized return of 5.71%.

The Fund Manager is Daniel O. Shackelford and he has managed this fund share this site since 2002.

To view the Zacks Rank and past performance of all T. Rowe Price funds, then click here.

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