One Punch Man Manga is a popular Japanese webcom created by Pseudonym One Productions. Ever since its release on June 3rd 2009, this manga has gone viral and even surpassed the 10-million hits mark. On average the series?website receives around 20,000 hits a day.


This manga is based on a fictional metropolis in Japan known as City Z. It鎶?full of mysterious creatures that appear from thin air and cause tremendous damage to the inhabitants. Their destroyer is Saitama, a powerful super-hero who easily eliminates the monsters and other villains with his trademark power punch.

Given his immense strength, the protagonist in this manga has eliminated so many villains and is becoming bored of this otherwise simple task. He鎶?constantly looking for stronger opponents who can give him a better fight than the weak monsters. While on his adventures, Saitama manages to meet new friends and even a cyborg disciple known as Genos.

Despite defeating some of the strongest monsters that even Hero鎶?Association couldn鎶?take down, people still don鎶?respect him as they ought to. check more He faces discrimination because of his obviously odd physical appearance, others even call him a fake hero. Only a handful of characters in the One Punch Man Manga series recognize his true skills, talent and humility towards share more content others people.

One Punch Man Manga Characters

a) 1. Saitama. He鎶?a thin, brawny 25yr old man who acts as the script鎶?main hero. The other heroes hate him because he takes all credit away from them, given the ease at which he defeats enemies. Saitama seems to have more moral fiber compared to other protagonists in the series. Moreover, his disinterest in gaining cheap fame allows the man to make better choices than the rest. Like when he disguised himself as a policeman and approached one of the monsters without it noticing.

b) 2. Genos. He鎶?a cyborg being who made the decision to follow after Saitama鎶?footsteps, this is after his entire village was wiped out by a monster. Genos?mission is to fight for justice of the downtrodden, while also looking for the deranged monster who destroyed his previous home.

c) 3. Blast. He鎶?the most powerful hero in S-Class Association though his whereabouts as well as identity are still unknown. He shows up on his own terms and rarely responds to the assembly requests brought forth by the Heroes Association.

d) 4. Silver Fang. He鎶?an old man who鎶?skilled in Japanese martial arts, and also one of the few people who knows where Saitama鎶?power really comes from.

e) 5. Tornado of Terror. She鎶?depicted as a cute, small-bodied girl who in reality is much older than what she looks. Tornado possesses immense telekinetic powers and is capable of taking down multiple dragon-class beasts without breaking a sweat.

The original manga series has more than 96 chapters on its set and they can all be found at the producer鎶?official site. One Punch鎶?digital remake was illustrated by Yusuke Murata and officially released to the market on June 14th 2012. By the end of 2014 the manga series had been compiled into a total of 7 volumes. Even so, note that the creators don鎶?conventionally name their chapters one after the other as is the case with other animations.

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