A long time ago, a boy would be raised by either their parents or grandparents. 鎻渆sponsibility, maturity, respect, kindness, as well as survival skills? But their teachings of survival were a lot different then it is today! They had to protect the people, by supplying food all through the year. Of course back in the old days our grandfathers would have to feed the tribe by the thousands, because each person mattered! Those are the tradtitional teachings of the Native way.

Nowadays our young warriors are being taught the 鎻筼g eat dog way? every man for himself, trust no man, keep one eye open, one hand on the blade, another man being slayed and getting repaid, that鎶?what gangs say! The dog eat dog way, but it鎶?not the real way and it鎶?not the Native traditional way. The truth is, even in battle, a warrior considered 鎻砽l people?and therefore fought for all the share more content people so they could live and not die.

Before the Europeans came to this contintent our warriors were taught how to fight, to protect their own wives, kids and as well as everyone else. The other tribes would invade another tribe and fight for food, weapons even women sometimes. But overall, they would fight to stay alive through the winter times, so their people would not perish and die.

That鎶?the difference between the gangster鎶?lifestyle versus the Native traditional lifestyle and way of life. Our people knew respect, but now they are no longer. Faded away as the leaves that fall from the trees, it all turns into dirt, still they felt worh while! Worthy of life, wothy of air, if we don鎶?have respect then how could we prepare? How could we repair all the damage that has been done?

We can do this by going back to our roots, our heritage, our strength, our power and our love! Right from a young age a child would have to be taught respectfulness, to have respect for your grandmothers and grandfathers, mothers and fathers, your family! Respect for nature, the rivers, the trees, the this website animals, the air that we breathe and the water that we drink. The rocks we use in our sweat lodge and our ceremonies, our equality, the equal right to be heard, but as well as listen to others talk in a circle. Every person had a chance and it was called a 鎼榓y of life?or the 鎻穒rcle of life? where everything is done in a circle and everything is connected. In Native traditions we say, 鎻砽l my relations? meaning we are all connected and related. We had the knowledge and respect, because we were all taught that.

Native gangs have a lack of knowledge and wisdom concerning these things, because they don鎶?teach it and the only reason why they don鎶?is because they don鎶?know. But they need to know this contraversy between gang teachings versus Native traditional teachings, because the kids need to know who we are as Native people. 鎻ere we come from? as Native people and what we鎶砮 been through as Native people. Like they say, 鎼歰u need to know where you came from, to know where you are going!?And where are Native gangs going today? The blind leading the blind and the lost being lost through false pride, false power and false strength. A gangster kills, a gangster steals, a gangster sells drugs, fights rivals and over turf wars. Where a warrior defends check here the people, gets strength and power through medicines and the creator. A real warrior does not drink alcohol or do drugs or sell drugs. A traditional warrior provides for the people and always put himself last, before other people. Why? Because he loves his people, they all mattered and he also sacrificed his life for the people. A true warrior listens to the guidance of the elders before making a crucial decision.

Where a gangster does not consider the advice of an elder, knowing the elder would be right, because in gang life only your crew or your set matters. Even though most gang members are killed by their own, 鎼時ust no man?is the code of a gangster, power and greed is siding with an evil spirit. Our elders taught us that bad medicine and evil spirits are not good and the only way to protect yourself or your family is by doing good medicine. Good medicine is praying for others and even your own enemies. A warrior was raised spiritual and everything was based around spiritual principles and we need those spiritual priciples back today! This was I was taught and what I am told.

In all love and respect,
Francis Sundown Chualna

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