IS “False Favourites” a guide that uncovers the strategy needed for laying favourites profitably? Will False Favourites give you incredible information into horse racing and profiting consistely from it?

This is a full review of false favourites read here by Betfair trainer Jon Burgess

Jonathan Burgess is an accredited Betfair trainer and his advice in False Favourites WILL help you win with Laying Horses. Two of the biggest reasons that false favourites horse racing system has been download hundreds of thousands of times is:

[1]The incredible simplicity of false favourites and how easy it is to understand even if you have never layed a horse bet in your life.
[2]The incredible completeness of false favourites. When you download false favourites you get all of the following items;

-False Favourites horse bet systems (2 volumes, well over 200 pages)
3 Bonus publications including:
-Drifting Favourites
-FREE subscription to the Betting School check more Insiders Report
-The horse laying newsletter

False Favourtes horse laying system lifetime updates are included.

So what is this False Favourites system all about and how good is it at making you money with horse race betting?

If you have ever downloaded a horse racing system before, one thing that will strike you about False Favourites method by Jonathan Burgess is the huge volume of information contained in the false favorites package. There is 237 pages of professional, accurate, and great horse bet racing tips. False Favourites horse betting by Mr. Burgess Is a horse race betting methodology developed to make people like you money by laying horses on Betfair reliably with very little risk.

FACT: Every horse race has what is called a favorite which means the horse that get the most votes, a vote being a bet someone places on the horse.

FACT: 66% of favorites LOSE!! This is huge. What happens to your odds of winning if you could bet on a favorite to lose? With this one little tweak alone you have now doubled your odds and frequencies of winning.

Here is how false favorites system works:

False Favourites shows you how to find the ‘False Favorites’ so that you can make consistent profit without having to risk your money. This kind of horse race bet can only be made on the betting exchanges AGAINST other punters, and NOT share this site against the bookmakers. You take the role of a bookmaker and let OTHER gamblers bet against you.

In final review Jon Burgess False Favourites horse laying system is pure genius. Of course who more qualified to create a winning horse laying system that an accredited Betfair trainer??

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