Laser hair removal is a technique with the help of which doctors apply low energy laser to the skin where the patient鎶?hair follicles are located. Its working is based on the sending of intense pulsating light more information (IPL) down the hairs and then, burning the follicle. To avoid hairs growing back, one must undergo several treatments. In many cases, the hairs grow back, that is, the hair removal is not permanent because of the carelessness of the patients undergoing the treatment. Patients undergoing treatment must take maintenance treatments every year to ensure that the hair do not grow back. But, as many patients do not bother, thus then they suffer. This technique is growing very popular among people belonging to all gta 5 cheats tool age-groups these days.

In this whole process, basically melanin is targeted as it is a compound which gives out hair and skins its color. Then, the laser is directed into the follicle which destroys it. Earlier laser technique was not considered suitable for the fair skin with dark hairs. But, now the red hairs can also be treated which were earlier considered to be untreatable. For checking out the suitability of a person for the laser hair removal technique, the skin and hair color of the patient is examined. For a patient who is light skinned and dark haired, it is easy to undergo this treatment. But, for a person who is dark skinned or light haired, it is very troubling to undergo this treatment as it is very difficult for the laser to distinguish between the hair and skin in such cases. There are different kinds of combinations used for different skin and hair combinations like:

Ruby: This is an obsolete hair removal technique. It鎶?had many side effects like severe burning or pigment changes for the people who were not having white skin.

Alexandrite: This is one of the most effective treatments. But, the problem is that this treatment is suitable only for the patient鎶?who have fair skin.

Pulsed Diode Array: This is almost similar to infra red light which is growing the skin type to a medium colored skin.

Ned YAG laser: This treatment is suitable for all skin colors. The problem with this technique is that there is no confirmation which could establish that this treatment has lifelong effects.

Laser hair removal technology reduces the hair growth to a great level. This technique is quick, reasonable and trouble-free. With the help of this treatment, one can get permanent hair reduction. Moreover, this hair removal technique is more suitable than the other hair removal methods like waxing, electrolysis etc. The time-period for this treatment depends upon the size of the area that has to be treated. So, smaller areas undergoing treatment will require lesser time and larger areas will require more time. The time-duration is usually not very longer as the longer time-durations for the treatment makes the patients uncomfortable. One must not pluck the hairs on the treated area for some recommended period of time. It depends upon the size of the area to be treated that how many sittings will be required for a patient. Generally dark colored skinned people and light haired people require more love this website sittings that those who have light skin and dark hair growth.

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