Men can only see the glossy smooth long legs on the magazine covers; they have no idea about the kind of work that goes into keeping those legs “sexy”. Every month of painful waxing session that leaves your skin red and burned, ugly stubbles, lathering on skin moisturizers and illuminator to keep the tint just right and not to mention the hard work that goes in keeping those legs shapely, there is a lot that you need to put up with. If you want to save yourself the hard work and get a permanent solution, then laser hair removal is the option for you. Here are 7 important things that you need to know about laser hair removal.

How Does It Work?

A soothing gel is first applied to protect your skin from getting burned. Under the procedure, a highly concentrated laser light is directed at your skin. The light second-long pulses, enough to heat the hair and impede with the follicles’ ability to re-grow again. It is safe, painless, FDA approved and costs reasonable.

How Many Sessions Required?

A minimum of six sessions are required for the completion of the procedure. However, for the sensitive parts, such as lips and chin, it will depend more on the hormones and may require more sittings. The result acquired from laser hair removal may not be as permanent as you might have liked it to be. After the initial six sittings, you will require to undergo regular touchups to keep your body hair-free.

Best Candidates for the Procedure

Certain conditions may hinder the treatment. You need to exercise extra precaution during the following situations.

?If you have a history of hypertrophic scarring or keloid formation, the regular kind of laser treatment will not work for you. You need to opt for something milder to avoid complications.

?If your skin is still tanned from your last outing to the beach, then you need to wait your time out. Suntan not only makes the treatment less effective, but also increases the risk of scarring.

?If you have a viral infection, refrain from undergoing any skin treatment until the condition resolves.

Results Are Not the Same for All Hair Types

Rather than making presumptions, it is better to seek assistance of a technician, who can give you a clear idea on what to expect and what not to expect from the treatment. The results vary as per the skin type, hair color and the person. super mario run hack android If you have red hair then it will be quite difficult to remove hair through laser, but not impossible, whereas for blond hair, laser treatment is pretty much out of the question. The lack of pigment in blond hair makes it difficult for laser to detect and destroy.

Things You Need To Do Before the Treatment

?Before the scheduled appointment, shave the areas where you are about to receive the treatment.

?Apply an ice pack on the shaved area to reduce any redness.

?It can take anywhere between 10 to 14 days for your hair to shed off completely. Refrain from plucking or shaving your hair during this period. You can try gentle exfoliation to remove the hair.

?Avoid applying any moisturizer or lotion immediately after the treatment.

Before undertaking any skin treatment, make sure you know crucial details about it.

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