The key to looking good on the Love this content night of the prom is to take extra care of yourself in the run
up to the night itself. Buying a great prom dress is a start, but looking after yourself will make sure you really sparkle when your time comes.
This doesn’t mean an elaborate exercise and diet regime – far from it!
Here are some straightforward tips for looking at your best.

No matter how tempting it might be share this site to stay at a friend’s house and spend the whole of the night before being excited about the prom, it won’t do you any favours on the night. Get a few early nights more details on the run up and your eyes will be brighter for it. Getting rid of the black circles under your eyes is much easier this way, rather than covering them with make-up!

Film make-up artists apparently always know what the actor has been doing just by the way their skin feels. If you’re not properly , your skin will tell tales. This is especially important if you’re fond of tea, coffee and other caffeinated drinks, as they encourage the body to get rid of water. It doesn’t have to be 8 glasses a day, just a couple of glasses of water in addition to what you normally drink will make the difference.

Skin care
Don’t change your skin care routine the week before the prom; you don’t know if it will bring you out in spots – or worse. If you’re keen to use new products to exfoliate and moisturise, try them at least a month in advance to see if your skin agrees with them.

If you really feel you must (and you shouldn’t!) then do it sensibly. Crash dieting before the prom will only leave you looking washed out and feeling exhausted on the night. Making small, sensible changes to your diet (like eating less sugary food) will make a longer lasting difference that won’t impact upon your enjoyment of the prom, and it will make it easier to know what dress-size you will be on the night.

If you’re used to doing this then there’s no problem, but again, some people have skin that has a little break out in spots a few days after waxing – particularly on the face. It’s a safer bet to get the waxing done at least a week ahead, and then tidy it up the night before the prom tweezers.

Fake tan
The first rule of fake tanning is: experiment first! A trial run is an absolute must as some people will always look orange, no matter what (especially if they have very pale skin). To prevent streaking, shave your legs, exfoliate, moisturise generously and then apply – with a friend help you get the coverage even.
Lots of beauty salons offer temporary spray-on tans which are always going to have better results, but again, a trial run is a good ideaas they offer different levels of tanning, and you need to know which is the right level tan for you. You won’t want to turn up at the prom with St Tropez smudges all over your fantastic prom dress.

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