Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was born with powers of perception that extended beyond most people’s. By the early 1900s, Edgar Cayce was a famously documented Medical Clairvoyant healing people of a wide variety of illnesses and conditions, sometimes considered “terminal”. His clairvoyant teachings healed and helped thousands. His ideals of service and commitment to healing resulted in his giving more than 9,000 readings, two-thirds of them for physical conditions, making him one of America’s best-documented Medical Clairvoyants. He is considered by many to be the Father of Holistic Medicine. In his forty-three years of service, he provided medical diagnoses and treatment suggestions for thousands, helping to cure even those who were “terminally ill”. Most of his readings addressed the patient, as a whole. He emphasized natural means of healing and drugless therapies such as diet, rest, exercise, hydrotherapies, packs (Castor oil, etc), herbs, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Massage & Colon Hydrotherapy. Among them all, 75% of his readings recommended massage with specific techniques of massage.
Beyond just looking at the physical body, Cayce addressed how emotional issues click this site affected the body. Many of his patients’ ailments, Cayce discovered, were due to “shocking” information in their life that they just could not process somehow, and caused an in-coordination or “indigestion” in the body. He pointed out that our emotions create an influx of chemicals and hormones maddenmobilehackcheatsz into the body that directly affected the Sympathetic Nervous System. Today, we have heard Healer/Speakers such as Louise Hay talk about this idea.
One of his most recommended treatments was massage therapy. He specifically recommended a type of massage that a very famous Physiotherapist of his time, Harold Reilly, was performing. This inspired the “Cayce/Reilly share our website Massage”. It specifically addressed the entire body holistically with a Swedish/ circulatory massage, addressing the increase of blood and lymphatic circulation. It stimulates the adrenal glands, as well as the spinal nerves that calm the nervous system. Not only is the massage mechanically effective, but Cayce also recommended certain oils to be used to benefit the client with the healing properties of pure oils. (i.e. He recommended Peanut Oil topically, for Arthritis as a “food for the joints”) With the oils and the special mechanics of this massage, the Parasympathetic system kicks in, putting the body in the state where it repairs itself, and calms irritation and inflammation in the body. Certain massage techniques were recommended that would help coordinate the neuromuscular system, helping the client to essentially move fluidly, with ease and flexibility. This not only treats the body, but the connection with the emotional body. Soothing “in-coordinations”or things that could not be processed (because of some kind of trauma experienced) essentially relieve the person of a tension that they had been carrying daily. What a relief to get rid of that burden!
As a Cayce/Reilly Massage Therapist, I have been amazed at what relief I have seen, specifically as a result to this particular massage. Many of my clients claim that it is the most unique and effective type of massage they have ever had, bringing them the results they are truly needing.
The transcripts of Cayce’s readings are available at the Association for Research and Englightenment (A.R.E.) library, in Virginia Beach, VA. (With membership to the A.R.E. you can have access to these readings online.) This library is the second largest Metaphysical library in the world, second only to the Vatican. The A.R.E. houses the Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy. For more information, you can visit: .

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