Rollback is an important Exchange Server database operation that is useful in removing all the changes made since last commit operation. But improper use of rollback might damage the EDB file that requires Exchange Server Recovery to be performed.

An inappropriately handled database rollback operation by Exchange Server Database Engine results into database corruption. The corruption might cause the Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store Service to stop unexpectedly and shows access violation error our world gem codes cheats online messages.

If correct Exchange Server and Windows NT debug symbols are installed, you may find the following stack dump entries in the Application Event Log of Exchange Server:

鎻妑amePtr RetAddr Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name
3f9ceb48 6feaf887 3f9ceb58 133f48b0 00000000 ESE!ErrNDSeek+0xb(…)
3f9ceb6c 6feb0010 10816f40 fffffed4 3f9cebf4 ESE!BTISeekSeparatorKey+0×48
3f9ceb80 6feaf954 3f9cebf4 00000201 10816f40 ESE!ErrBTISelectSplit+0xba
3f9cebc4 6fea45a8 00000001 00000000 10816180 ESE!ErrBTISplit+0xbd
3f9cec84 6fea4fe9 3f9ced34 00000001 00000000 ESE!ErrBTInsert+0x3e8(…, …)
3f9ceca0 6feb653e 3f9ced34 00000001 00000000 ESE!ErrDIRInsert+0×27(…, …)
10816180 04560e80 1081de80 0fdabad0 1081de80 ESE!ErrRECSeparateLV+0x1c6?br />
After this behavior of Exchange Server, all of your business critical and valuable data becomes inaccessible. To overcome these problems, identify the problem and carry out Exchange Server Repair to sort it out.

Grounds of the issue

When the basic Exchange Server database engine attempts to rollback a creation of the LV (Long Value) tree on database table that is opened with exclusive access, Exchange Server database gets corrupted.

In this situation, the rollback operation is only partly successful. The corruption to the data would result as unexpected termination of Information Store Service.

How to fix this issue

There are two madden mobile cheats hack possible fixes to solve this problem. The first one is helpful to prevent this problem from occurring in future and the second one is to repair the corrupted database.

?Obtain the latest service of Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5.
?Perform Exchange Server Recovery using third party tools.

The recovery software are powerful applications that are capable of systematically scanning your corrupted EDB file and extracting as much data as possible from it. These software can recover all your EDB objects such as emails, notes, contact, journal, calendar entries and so forth.

These software are very easy to use and thus enable you to have quick and simple Exchange Server Repair in most of the corruption scenarios. To ensure efficient extraction of your data, selecting powerful and advanced Exchange Server utility software is essential.

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery is the high end Exchange Server Recovery tool that works in majority madden mobile cheats hack of EDB corruption scenarios. It can repair EDB files created using Exchange Server 2003, 2000 and 5.5. It is compatible with Windows XP, 2003 and 2000.

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