Removing paint liquids on a carpet is easily done when the paint is still wet. Nonetheless, dried paint on a carpet can be removed through this simple process and will help avoid the cost of buying a new carpet.

Goo Gone, acetone and WD-40 are some of the household substances that can be used to remove dried paints. Before applying any of these substances to the affected area of the carpet, it is wise to try it in on a hidden part of your carpet and see the effect and reactions it will produce. When this is not harmful to such an area, you can then go ahead to apply it on the affected area of the carpet.

To clean a paint stain on a carpet using any carpet cleaning solution, there are certain household equipments you will need to get. You will need a razor blade, white rag and cleaning brush, together with the cleaning solution you are to use. When you have gathered the following, use the razor blade and brush to scour the dried paints as much as you could. The add some quantity of the cleaning solution you are using on the affected area, using the rag to stick it the spot for a some amount of time, say 20 minutes. Then allow the carpet solution to saturate the area you are doing the paint removal.

After the given time has elapsed, use the rag and the brush to scrub the spot using the cleaning solution. While this is being done, the paint particles will begin to soften gradually and will also be lifting from the spot. You can also use the razor blade to remove some quantity of the paint that might prove stubborn. After the exercise, use a clean liquid water to wash the area and rinse it after the wash.

This method can be used check more to remove paints particles on carpet using any form of carpet cleaning solution. But you must make sure that you procure a quality solution. In fact, some times you’ll need to try a few different solutions to see what will dissolve the paint best.

It is wise to use hand gloves while performing this exercise so as to protect yourself the sharp objects you may be using to scrape the paints and also from the cleaning chemicals too. In some cases, some people use jack knife to scrape rather than razor blade. This is a lot safer, though you will have to spend more time doing the scraping.

Dried paints on carpet can also be removed using nail polish remover or you use paint thinner. To do this with click more details the chemical, follow the above process as give in the preceding hill climb racing hack online paragraph. If the chemical you are using is the paint thinner, it is a lot safer to blot out the paint rather than scrubbing. Dish-wash the affected surface after the blotting and then rinse with clean water.

In conclusion, besides the above mentioned chemicals, one can use any other good one at his disposal adopting the same process as well to perfectly get his or her carpet rid of dried paint.

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