History knows no resting places and no plateaus.
– Henry Kissinger
History is relentless because it happens every second. In other words, no resting places and no plateaus. The same applies to business–you can’t rest on your laurels, you can’t become complacent, and you have to be persistent–even when the odds are against you. That’s where courage comes in.
Hemingway coined the phrase, “Courage is grace under pressure.” Some people, when they hear the word “courage” automatically think of heroic moments in war and in calamitous situations such as earthquakes or other disasters. That of course applies, but in our daily lives we also have the opportunity to be courageous. Going at it day after day without becoming discouraged is a form of courage as well. It may not be as dramatic, but the results can be.
People are surprised when they hear I very often work 12 hour days in my office. That is the norm for me, not the exception. I know that to succeed and to remain successful, I have to be persistent. If you are working 40 hours a week and then add on another 20 hours a week for awhile, you’ll be surprised at how much more you will achieve. Prolific people are prolific for a reason.
I remember reading about Michelangelo when I was a student. That guy was not only a genius, he was unbelievably tenacious. He went to extreme lengths to achieve the results he did. He also had courage because he lived in a tumultuous time in history during which he had to deal with the de Medicis, a variety of popes, warring families, and even Savonarola. He often worked in appalling conditions. He had quarrels with the pope. How he managed to get anything accomplished in the midst of all this was amazing. He had to have persistence and courage to match his talent. Most of us don’t know the names of the popes from the sixteenth century, but most of us have heard of Michelangelo. That’s staying power.
On The Apprentice, you will notice that the candidates are not only persistent in their pursuit of landing the big job, they also had the courage to go for it in the first place. Auditions can be daunting. There were over a million applicants. Those weren’t great odds and yet they persisted. That’s why I believe there are no losers on that show. Taking the first step means these people are winners to begin with. No one likes to be rejected, and they are risking rejection in front of millions of people. I give them a lot of credit for that, and I expect all of them to succeed, whether they are chosen as my apprentice or not.
Courage means never giving up. It’s much easier to give up. Don’t take that route. Being determined enough to continue despite discouragement is probably share this site the number one virtue necessary for success. Some very ordinary people have accomplished amazing things by simply being persistent. Abraham Lincoln is a good example. His courage made him extraordinary.
Sometimes I’m hard on people because I know they can do more, and I know they haven’t lived up to their potential. I may have more faith in their abilities than they do, so I have to be the catalyst to check more get them going. I remember a young executive who was in my office one day when I realized I wouldn’t be able to make a speaking engagement. I told him he would have to step in for me. He told me, “Oh, I don’t do public speaking.” So I told him, “You do now.” And do you know what? He has become an accomplished public speaker. He just needed a shove to get going. I need people who can think–and speak–on their feet, and that’s one way to develop them.
Courage isn’t the absence of fear; it’s the conquering of roblox cheats online fear. Just because someone appears to be confident doesn’t mean they have no fear. Many great performers suffer from stage fright. They have to fight to overcome it. Sometimes it never goes away, but that doesn’t mean they don’t perform. They work through it, they persist. They know part of their job is having the courage to display their talent. Talent alone isn’t enough. Talent takes work and talent requires courage.
History has shown us that those who persist very often succeed. Respect yourself enough to give yourself a chance! The odds will be on your side. I expect every one of you to succeed, and I will accept no excuses. So let’s get going. History isn’t waiting for any of us.

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