Today everyone is facing the problem share this site of hair fall. Usually we will find this problem in teenagers. It is very important to know the cause then only you can solve your problem completely. From this article love here you will know the causes of the problem and how to maintain your healthy hair.

What are the causes of hair loss?

Excessive use of shampoo:

In all shampoos heavy chemicals are present which are not good for your hair. This is the reason why hair experts advice roblox hack ios that you must not use shampoo daily. Daily use of shampoo leads to hair loss. Use light shampoo or before using shampoo mix it in water then apply it on your hair. Do not use hot water.

Excessive stress:

Stress is one of the main causes of this problem especially in teenagers. Before exams, spending sleepless night, unnecessary anger and tension and working in computer continuously may cause stress. You can avoid this by going for morning walk and listening music.

Improper maintenance of hair:

Excessive use of hair oil, dust, improper combing of hair, improper head bath and maintaining a dry hair may all lead to hair loss. Dry hair falls easily. Using heavy chemicals and hard moisturizes may injure ones scalp. Massage your scalp with hot hair oil at least thrice a week. Using too much oil can settle dust in your scalp which will create lot of problems. The quality of water also matters.

Attack of diseases:

Diseases such as malaria, measles, cholera, typhoid and jaundice always cause hair loss.


In many people you will find hair loss gives way to baldness. This may be your hereditary problem. If your ancestors were bald then there is a chance for you to inherit this problem also.

Improper food habits:

Improper food habits may cause hair fall. You must take food which is good in iron, vitamins and proteins. Milk, fruits, green vegetables and fish avoid the problem of hair loss. Curry leaves help in growth of hair. You must drink at least one liter of water daily.

Doing experiments on hair:

Doing experiments like ironing, coloring and perming can cause hair fall. Perming means turning and twisting of your hair which causes lot of hair loss. In ironing one changes the structure of hair which may cause lots of problems. Coloring your hair has also been one of the major problems of hair loss.

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