My career with Ameriplan began November 6, 2006. Previously I came across Ameriplan online several times. Ameriplan finally got my attention with a $1 promotion.I was very skeptical about Ameriplan then just like most of you all might be now, but hey, I gave it a opportunity because worse case scenerio, I’d only lose $1.

My first week in the business, I personally enrolled 5 business partners.. I wasn’t expecting my Ameriplan business to explode so fast.. My checks began to average $2000-$3000/mo. after a few months. only rewarded me with a nice residual checks, but also I recieved all expense .

Through a short lived stay with Ameriplan, I also gained relationships that will last a lifetime with some of the greatest people I’ve ever met. read more With success there always come haters. My previous upline tried to sabotage my Ameriplan business. The funny thing about this entire situation is the fact that she got paid from my efforts, wo why was she so jealous?

Ameriplan didn’t handle things they way I felt they should have. I was terminated without any warning because my previous upline set me up. God allow that to happen for a reason and now that I’m back with Ameriplan, I’m going to build my Ameriplan business stronger than ever. This time around, I’ve aligned myself with an incredibly supportive upline. My mentors are stay at home moms that have reached the top level in Ameriplan and have both earn over $1.5 million dollars combined in 5 years of being with the company. fifa 15 hack online

Here are their testimonials:

~Kelly Fuller, National Vice President~
I began my search for work at home seven months before finding AmeriPlan. My original goal was to make $100 per week at home to supplement my husband’s income, cut down debt and quit living paycheck to paycheck. Just as I was about to give up on the fruitless search and wait tables one night a week, I found AmeriPlan.

I didn’t want to sell products and AmeriPlan had more of a service, HEALTH BENEFITS. Now that’s something I can get passionate about. I was excited.

So, off to work I went. No previous experience in work at home, 5 children and a stubborn will to not only make it, but make it big.

In our home, we no longer world of tanks blitz cheats discuss paying down our debt. We now talk about how close my husband is to retiring and being home with the family.

Everyone that starts with us, starts with a fantastic reason why they want to be working at home. Write it down. Refer to it often. You’ve taken the first step toward your goals. Work hard and consistantly for the best boss of all… YOU.

As your coach and support system, I look forward to working with you. Set your sights on the victory. We’re cheering you on.

~Janie Jones, National Vice President & Michael Jones, National Vice Presidents~
For years I had searched for a home-based business that could supplement our family income so that I could continue to stay at home with my children.

I had tried several home-based companies, paid to read emails, paid to do surveys, the wellness company, telemarketing at home (that was hard), surveys, bought many work at home directories and I was still was not able to make the income I needed to continue staying at home with our children.

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