Combining the context of the Inner Child with the methods of the Emotional Freedom Techniques provides you with perhaps one of the most empowering avenues for healing those “yeah buts” which will sabotage your best efforts to succeed. Keep in mind it is not the intention of our wounded ones to hold us back. Their efforts are merely aimed at sustaining a sense of safety… they do not realize their actions sabotage the inner adult’s success. They are frightened and are responding in a knee-jerk manner they developed in response to the original wound.
It is the only way they know how to attempt to stay safe. When you empower your adult self you provide these wounded ones with someone who can respond. Once the response has been made you will find you have a wealth of gangstar vegas hack online energy which can now be redirected. That redirection is what gives birth to your ever-evolving future self.
The Seven Layered Healing Process that I have created offers you a method to step into the vibration of a share this site healthy adult self and to be empowered to come into alignment with it–to heal it and befriend it so it can merge with you in your joy. There is no magic greater than that of a child. But a wounded Inner Child holds on strong to that which kept it safe.
In order to regain his or her trust and heal you must have a part of you who can respond in a nurturing and healthy manner and who can orchestrate a sequential progress. You must come into this interaction with an empowered adult who can respond in a compassionate manner.
Why? Because if you begin digging into your past with no new maddenmobilehackcheatsz ways to respond to that pain you simply pull the band aid off of an old wound while offering no hope of healing it.
The healing agent for an old wound is the interaction between the wounded one and a part within us who can respond with compassion, love and care.
It is this interaction which changes the experience of the Inner Child and in affect “creates its reality.” Remember, our mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. Just as we program our future with intentions and “pretend” exercises we can do the same thing by returning to the time of the wound and changing the experience of the part of us who holds onto the pain.
Again, the only reason this is possible is because we have our adult self who is now capable of intervening in that wounding scene and stepping in on behalf of the Inner Child to protect or retrieve and rescue it from the hurtful experience.
If you think about it – it stands to reason that as we set our intentions for our hearts’ desire we flush out the trailers which sabotage our efforts to succeed. When we bring in more light we also illuminate our shadow – the wounded parts that inadvertently sabotage our efforts to succeed. But if we give a face to those saboteurs who run rampant with their negative statements and destructive behaviors – if we learn how to relate to those wounded ones with care and love we can repair that wound and invite that essence back into the vibration of our force field where it can be safe. Not only does this halt the sabotage but it augments the magic with which we can manifest. Bring a child’s imagination and wonderment into any intention and the vibrational frequency increases ten-fold.

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