LitterMaid products are highly sought after by those who hate cleaning out their cat’s litter box since many of the Litter Maid models are self cleaning. There is a wide variety of models to choose from not to mention plenty of opinions both good and bad about how they operate. We’ll take a look at some pros and cons in the article below.

Going over the LitterMaid LME9000 Elite self-cleaning litter box is made for larger cats or households that have multiple cats. It is important to get a litter box that is big enough for your cat to fit into. A small box also can cause problems if you have more than one cat, as they sometimes have gangstar vegas hack online the perverse tendency to want to use the box at the same time. The LitterMaid Elite is 28″ by 20 by 8 1/2″, so it gives your cats plenty of room, and the sensor will cause the unit to start cleaning a few minutes after a cat leaves the box. This model has four carbon filters and four waster receptacles, as well as an ionic air cleaner, so it’s a heavy duty automated litter box.

No matter which LitterMaid model you choose, you should also consider getting a cover for it. LitterMaid has a couple options for you to cover your litter box. The LitterMaid Cat Privacy Tent fits all of their boxes, and not only provides your cat with privacy, but it helps to keep the litter inside the box.

Made of waterproof vinyl, this cover is easily cleaned and also helps to control odors. A Kitty Kabana litter box cover is another option and it is a nylon cover that gives your litter box a nicer appearance. While these are both accessories that you have to buy separately, many cats prefer to use boxes that are covered and they can make the litter box more sanitary for you.

The cost is often a major reason that people don’t purchase the LitterMaid system. You are of course the only one who can decide what might be right for your cat. Despite the cost the LitterMaid system is the perfect solution to that stinky litter box that you have to clean every day. The most basic LitterMaid system will run you around $150 bucks. It’s also necessary to replace the filters and receptacles every so often which adds to the overall cost of these units. This is of course one of those times where you’ll want to weigh the pros vs the cons to arrive at an answer to madden mobile hack ios the cost vs benefit question.

The various models of LitterMaid self cleaning litter boxes can make your life easier and your home more sanitary. But some customers have experienced problems share more details with getting them to work consistently. Be sure to read all the instructions and the right type of clumping lever if you do buy a LitterMaid product. If, like many cat owners, you’re tired of cleaning out the litter box, you may want to consider a LitterMaid product.

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