Eternity for women is a Calvin Klein fragrance which was produced to go with the eternity theme. Its counterpart is eternity for men.

This fragrance is a good year round fragrance but I believe it works best in late summer and fall. Remember that the time of day or year that you wear this fragrance is purely subjective and is not necessarily set in stone. You make the decision based on your own personal preferences. It is not an overly sweet fragrance and yet it is not roblox hack cheats tool heavy or cloying. It is not for the wearer who is using fragrance to try to make an initial impression on a potential suitor but it rather speaks of itself and seems to declare independence and femininity. It is not feminist in the sense that it projects a helpless attitude but it is good for the woman who has confidence in her abilities and personality. It speaks of a woman who is well established and would love the support of a strong man but yet is not desperate for attention or starved for affection. Yet it doesn閳ユ獩 speak of a woman who has to prove that she is better or more than the man that she is with.

The woman who uses this fragrance is confident of her direction in life and her abilities. She is not wrapped up in a garment of platitudes or caught up in the petty confusion read more which sometimes prevails in everyday relationships.

This fragrance is good for both casual wear and formal wear but I would recommend it for the casual occasion which is not totally casual. If you want to make an impression on people of intelligence I would recommend this fragrance. Remember that when you want to make an impression on people fragrance is the way to start. The fragrance that you wear will give them an indication of your mindset before you even open your mouth to talk to them. Eternity for women will get the door cracked open for you but what you say when you open your mouth will either seal the deal or kill it altogether.

This fragrance is good for that day or nighttime date with the spouse of significant other, and any type of social event that you can name. It lends itself to the movie or dinner date type of event but will fit in well with the business meeting or dinner also.

This fragrance was first introduced by Calvin Klein in 1989. It has been a very popular fragrance since its introduction and it is selling strong today. It is very well established and holds its own with the best of them. The clientele which uses this fragrance is mainly women over the age of about 25. They are not flirty or flighty but established to the point that they know what they want out of life and out of the people that they come into contact with.

This fragrance does not begin with the citrus notes that you typically find in the hot weather fragrances. This does not mean that you can閳ユ獩 wear it in the summer. It just means that it is not light airy share more details and flowery.

This fragrance begins with a spicy lavender amber fragrance. This Perfume has a blend of greens crisp jasmine sage basil and rosewood. These ingredients lend it to a long lasting fragrance which has strong second and third notes.

I recommend that every woman keep this fragrance as a primary or backup. It lends itself well to situations where a flowery or citrus fragrance might not do the job.Fragrance Oil Express

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