Duck decoys are always something of a contentious issue for many people, and indeed, any long standing duck hunter will be quick to inform you of the (hopefully good humored) abuse and teasing that they are on the receiving end of when it comes to hunting with these tools. The idea that a plastic duck (yes, duck decoys are replicas of ducks, and yes, they ARE made of plastic) is the singularly most effective means of snaring a notoriously elusive prey is quite amusing.

However, in the off chance that you are of the mistaken impression that duck decoys are nothing more than glorified rubber ducks, i.e. the type you will find in any bathtub, then think again. Lovingly hand crafted to bear an almost unsettling resemblance to a particular species of duck, many people have commented on how realistic and life like high quality duck decoys appear.

Indeed, there has been an instance when a married duck hunter has returned home and has been on the receiving end of a fair amount of abuse from their wife who has been appalled at the mere idea that their thoughtless husband has left a dead duck in their home! Yes ladies and gentlemen, they really ARE that lifelike.

Therein lies the strength as well as the beauty of these pieces of hunting equipment, not only do they manage to fool us humans (who are supposedly intellectually superior to our feathered friends) but they also seduce and trick the average moviestarplanet hack tool online duck as well.

However, it is essential that you throne rush hack tool exercise some degree subwaysurfershackss of caution when purchasing your duck decoys because in this specific case, you really do get what you pay for.

The following is a succinct and concise overview of some issues to be aware of when purchasing and using duck decoys. Hopefully they will help you somewhat.

Avoid Plastic Models At All Costs
Plastic duck decoy models tend to be cheaper than their wooden counterparts and for good reason, which is quite simply this. They do not work! The problem with plastic duck decoys is that the plastic of which they are made from absorbs and reflects the light generated by the rays of the sun, which in turn means that the duck decoys will shine.

This serves to both alarm and rouses the suspicion of the ducks that, whilst they may not fully comprehend that there is something afoot because an organic material such as feather would not reflect the sun in this way, are aware that there is something not quite right.

Therefore, if you do intend on using duck decoys for any duck hunting expedition you need to make sure that you rely solely on wooden models. Sure, the wooden models of duck decoys are more expensive and for many hunters, especially those who are simply dabbling with duck hunting for the very first time in their lives and therefore don’t want to spend too much money, this is just not appealing. However, they will be able to provide guaranteed results.

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